4 Key Elements To Infuse French Chic At Home

Posted by Mumu Living 29/08/2023

French style is often hailed as effortlessly chic, as embodied in their glorious fashion trends to incredibly fine desserts! It’s no wonder that the French home is the epitome of casual sophistication; may it be a tiny Paris apartment or countryside château, the space is classy, refined yet still warm and homey.


If you’re looking to infuse some of that French chic to your home, here are 4 easy tips to get you started!



1. Old is Gold


The French have a deep respect for history thus decor that brings an air of antiquity is a fundamental element in French style. Look for gilded armoires or elaborate patterns that is reminiscent of 17th and 18th century marquetry.





2. Mix It Up


Keep contradicting the elements to create an interesting mix of impressions. French style is never meant to be homogeneous; place a modern dressing table beside a bed with luxurious framework to add that French dynamic to your bedroom!





3. What’s NOT Trending


Personal style is always better than following the latest trends. The French home is embedded with articles from the owner’s history; frame up a street painting from your last holiday or display your collection of toy figurines!




4. Imperfect Is Perfect


A French home is never overstyled or immaculate; it is always lived-in and well-loved. Thus, select pieces that complement your lifestyle, be it creating cozy corners for evening reading or tossing that rug slightly off-centre on the sofa!



The key philosophy behind the French style is a celebration of history and personality; strike a balance between the traditional and the individual expressionism to breathe that natural and effortless chic into your home!





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