All our furniture comes readily in flat pack packaging with an installation manual in it.




Do I have to assemble my own furniture?


For deliveries within West Malaysia, we assemble the furniture for you before delivering to your premises. This way, we can ensure efficient delivery and quality control before sending out the furniture.


For bulky items such as bed frame, wardrobe, and book rack, we will assemble on-site due to entrance restriction. Please allocate some time for the installation on-site during the delivery session.




Do you assemble furniture for delivery to East Malaysia as well?


We do not assemble furniture for LCL deliveries. Furniture in flat-pack packaging is better protected during the transit and it saves more shipping costs for you as well!




How much does the assembly cost?


For now, we provide FREE ASSEMBLY services for all items that we can assemble before delivering. For bulky item installation, we charge RM80 per item installation. You may choose the option to assemble on your own or engage our professional installation service at the product page.




Do you charge for drilling fees?


Drilling is required for item(s) that is wall-mounting. We do not charge for drilling services. However, do note that the warranty is not covered for the parts that are requested for the drilling service. 




Do you have safety tip-over restraint for cabinets?


Yes, we do. For every free-standing furniture, it comes with tip-over restraints that must be secured to the wall to ensure safety. However, you may request the delivery team to leave the tip-over restraint to you if you would like to install it on your own.




What if I can't find the installation manual in the box?


Just let us know, we will send you one immediately.




I'm not sure if the furniture can fit my door

We are very experienced in delivering furniture to apartment, office and landed building. Therefore, we will make sure all our item(s) can fit in standard size entrances, ie. Door, lift, staircases etc.


Kindly inform us if your entrance is smaller than standard size, we will advise your purchases accordingly. 


Due to this restriction, we will only install big item(s) such as bed frame, wardrobe and book rack on site. However, for certain model of bed frame, the bed slat is as per bed sizes and might not fit in smaller entrances.


Please note that it is customer's responsibility to ensure that the item(s) can fit the entrance of the premises. In any cases where item(s) does not fit, MUMU Living only allows return and refund in store credit. 




There is no lift facility in my building


Kindly inform us beforehand so that we can make proper arrangement for the delivery. We only provide staircase delivery for delivery address located within a building for 3 storeys, additional RM80 per flight of staircase is applicable for 3rd storey above.  


MUMU Living also reserve the right to refuse delivery if such case arises.