Delivery of Order

Building furniture is only half the journey. Arguably the more important task is delivering your new purchase to you. 


To ensure you receive your new furniture pieces quickly and as safely as possible, we have covered a variety of shipping details which are explained below.



Where does MUMU Living deliver to? How much is the delivery? 

We currently ship all across West Malaysia, excluding off-shore islands with no bridge access, such as Langkawi, Tioman etc.


KL, Selangor, Putrajaya

Purchase below RM1000


Purchase above RM1000



OUTSIDE KL, Selangor, Putrajaya (Within West Malaysia)

Purchase below RM5000


Purchase above RM5000




We also ship to East Malaysia (including Labuan) using door-to-door LCL shipment.

We will quote based on the total volumetric (cbm) of order item(s). On average, the cost of ocean freight is RM290 per cbm, excluding marine insurance.


**Note: Customer is only eligible for only one (1) FREE DELIVERY to one delivery address per order.




How is my item(s) being delivered?

All MUMU Living furniture is delivered and handled by our professionally trained in-house delivery team. This way, we can ensure better control of our delivery punctuality and quality service at your door.


All deliveries to East Malaysia will be handled by our logistic partner. If you have a preferred logistic partner that you want us to liaise with to handle your delivery, just let us know!




Can I choose the day and time for my furniture to be sent to me?


Yes, if you have a preferred delivery day and time, please leave us a note in the comment section upon checking out, we will try our best to accommodate to your schedule. Kindly give us one week notice in advance to arrange for your delivery. Our delivery bookings are usually already packed in the same week, we will try our best to fit in the delivery to your preferred time but please note that delivery slot bookings are subject to availability. Thank you for your understanding.


We arrange our deliveries by time slots in a day. You can let us know your preferred time.

1.      10:00am - 11:30am

2.     11:30am – 1:00pm

3.     2:00pm – 3:00pm

4.      3:30pm – 5:00pm


If you did not mention your preferred delivery day and time, our customer service team will get in contact with you to arrange for your preferred delivery slot.


Please understand that our delivery slot bookings are subject to availability. We are working to expand the slot availability, please be more patient with us for the time being.




Do I have to get permission from building/ residential management?


YESSSS! You have to ensure that the relevant permissions are obtained from the building or residential management prior to the schedule delivery day. We are not obliged to wait for you to grant access to the premise as we have other scheduled deliveries to fulfill for the day. If we are unable to deliver on confirmed delivery day and time slot due to any difficulty in accessing your premise, a re-delivery fees will be charged based on the standard rate.

Do you do next day delivery?

All delivery is subject to booking availability - our delivery bookings are usually packed in the same week. However, if you have urgent request, we will try our very best to fit in the delivery to your preferred time. We are always happy to assist, just let us know!




How long ahead do I need to book for delivery?


Usually we will ask you for your preferred delivery date and time upon check out in website or in-store (showroom) and book the slot for you on the spot.


If you wish to let us know your delivery day and time at a later date, please let us know one week in advance as our delivery bookings are usually already packed in the same week. We will try our best to fit in the delivery to your preferred time but please note that delivery slot bookings are subject to availability. Thank you for your understanding.




How about delivery punctuality? 


Our delivery team follows strict SOPs on a normal delivery day to ensure that your order is sent to your address in a timely manner.


A day before the agreed delivery day, our customer service officer will send a Delivery Confirmation message to your registered phone number, listing out the important information needed by your side to arrange for the acceptance of the order. You will need to reply “CONFIRM” to the confirmation to ensure timely delivery.


On the day of delivery, our delivery team will give you a call 30 minutes before reaching the destination so that you can be prepared to receive your order.


In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, ie. Rainy weather, road accidents, lorry breakdown, delay in service lift in the premise of previous customer etc, our delivery team will inform you beforehand to not keep you waiting. Customer service team will rearrange alternative delivery date and time slot, if needed.

Can I cancel my delivery booking?


If you wish to cancel your delivery booking, just inform us ahead. We are more than happy to make adjustments for you.


If you cancel your scheduled delivery after you reply “CONFIRM” to the Delivery Confirmation message sent to your registered phone number, we will have to charge a re-delivery fees.