Warranty & Repair

We want you to rest easy and enjoy your furniture with peace of mind. 

How long is the warranty period? 


All MUMU Living furniture is covered by a 2 years warranty against manufacturing or mechanism defect. The warranty period for the furniture starts on the date of delivery.


Please note that item(s) on clearance sale and special event sales do not carry this warranty.

I bought my item on Flash Sale/ Clearance Sale Event, do I still get covered for warranty? 


All items that are bought from any sales events are exempted from warranty coverage. If item is found to have manufacturing defect within 3 days from the date of DO, we will exchange 1-1 for the defect item. Once the period is over, it does not carry any warranty.



How do I keep track of the warranty?


The warranty is valid for 2 years from the date of delivery stated on the Delivery Order (DO). Worry not, we keep a copy of the relevant document, you just need to verify your details with us.




Who can claim the warranty?


This warranty only covers normal household use. We do not cover any rented, commercial, institutional or other non-residential use. It only applies to MUMU Living furniture that you purchase directly from our official website at www.mumuliving.com or directly from our in-store (showroom). We are not liable to any MUMU Living product that are sold to you by non-authorised reseller.




What does this warranty cover?


We warrant that all item or part is free from material manufacturing defects and conforms to the description of the product in the website.





Frame, spring and webbed seating system used in Upholstered and Leather Sofa and Sofabed

2 years

2 years

Mechanism in Recliner Sofa and Adjustable Armchair and Sofabed

2 years

2 years

Hydraulic in Storage Bed Frame

2 years

2 years

Finishes and all other furniture product, including but not limited to dining tables, chairs, bed frames, dressers, cabinets, marble tops, granite tops.

2 years

2 years

Leathaire Fabric

2 years

2 years






What does this warranty NOT cover?


This warranty does not cover any loss or damage suffered by you or anyone else arising from:

i.                Daily or accidental wear and tear

ii.              Modification of product that has not been authorized in writing

iii.             Exposure to extreme temperature (under sunlight) or humidity

iv.             Misuse, negligence or abuse of the product

v.               Improper maintenance

vi.             Unauthorised repair

v.         Drilling service as per requested by customers


This warranty also does not cover any item(s) that is purchased on clearance sale, special event sale, or “as-is”.




How do I request for a service?


All you need to do is to verify your purchase with us, then show us the defects in picture or videos. We will follow up with you subsequently.  




What kind of service will I get?


Based on your description, we will assess whether the defect or malfunction is claimable under the warranty clause.


If it falls under the warranty cover, we may either rectify it by (subject to our discretion):

i.                Rectify the defect to ensure it functions as described in product description

ii.              Exchanging the faulty part with a new part,

iii.             Exchange a new one, or

iv.             Refund on a prorated depreciation basis.




Is there a charge for the warranty claim?


If the product malfunction fits the clause under warranty claim, we will rectify it FREE OF CHARGE.


Please note that delivery cost of warranty claim will be borne by customer.




What if the warranty on the product has expired?


If the warranty has expired and you would like to rectify any faulty or malfunction product, we can still do something for you! Get in contact with us, we will advise you accordingly.

Sealy Mattress Warranty

Sealy provides a 10-year warranty for their mattresses with the clauses and defect arrangements as below:

       i. Coils or wires that are loose or broken

      ii. Coils or wires that protrude or tear 

      iii. Depression more than 1.5 inches and above is warrantable prior to Sealy personnel's inspection 

      iv. If the slatted bed frame has 3 inches and above of wide gap between each slat, there is likely to abuse the mattress after a long period of use. Therefore, Sealy will not cover if

           such a foundation is found during the inspection. For each slat that less than 3 inches gap, Sealy will look and address it on a case-to-case basis.

      v. If there is a defect case which has been verified by Sealy personnel and is sold by MUMU Living previously, MUMU Living is required to collect the defective mattress from the