2018 Colour Trends for Your Interior

Posted by Mumu Living 19/10/2018 Tips and Ideas,

In 2018, we are bidding farewells to the “chills” of the Nordic designs. As the Global Centre of Aesthetics just announced the colour of the year - This year, it is all about "Warm Brown".


The theme behind the color is none other than "Home Sweet Home" - to provide a sanctuary for us to rest up after a long day of hustling at work. Therefore, the color provides a softer and more soothing touch to our home, making us feel warm and relaxed at home. 




Which now bring us to the most important question of the day. How do we decorate our interior with warm brown colour scheme?  


Colour scheme of Warm Brown


Mix and Match with the Warm Brown Series


“Warm brown” is a color that blends well with everything. This color reminds us of mother nature and easily brings out the elegance of the room no matter how you mix and match it. 


The brown is so vertasatile, that it can be paired with soft leathers, fine silks and beautiful velvets. No matter how you mix them,  when put together it gives out a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere with a hint of autheticity and sense of security.



You can also mix and match the brown with other bright colours. 




Mess up your place!


When you take away boring and simple colour schemes and enrich the interiors, messy designs such as clusters of flowers, elements of Bohemian


culture, dark coloured wood grains and wallpaper choices is an interesting way to design your homes.



In terms of shade and style, dark-coloured wood grains give out a bright and comfy feel while also showing some complexity to it, complements each


other perfectly.



Wallpapers are a thing of the west, but it helps express one’s style and personality, therefore in 2018 it will continue to be a main thing.




A love for hand craftmanship


We highly value the importance of design, of course the same applies towards hand crafts. We find that diligently hand-crafted items can flood a person


with feels, so with “Welcome Home” as the theme, these can give people a more soothing and comfortable feeling coming home.



Also trending include cotton, linen and vine made decorations, all able to give your space a homelier and more natural atmosphere, therefore it has


everyone loving it!




Spaces are no longer what it used to be


With houses getting smaller, jobs getting busier and technology on the rapid rise, its all about minimising the usage of space at home.


Balcony? Living room? How about a combined space?


Due to houses getting more expensive and the space decreasing, we need to use space more efficiently, therefore the balcony is no longer your viewing






Its 2018!!! Who needs a TV?!


With smartphones and other electronic gadgets, entertainment no longer needs to be viewed through a TV, instead a small projector will suffice.



What can we do for your dining area?


Due to space limitations, the area is no longer just for family dinners but can act as a work area, or a bar table can be installed to separate both spaces.



Now, Mumu’s prediction for the furnishing of 2018 is finally coming to an end,


For those that are ready to start decorating their homes, remember to note down the cost and plan forward your decorating plans.