How Black Can Make Your Home Look Aesthetic

Posted by Mumu Living 29/08/2023 Tips and Ideas,

Black has never been a favourable choice for a house’s interior as people find the colour depressing and might dim down the environment.


But, did you know that with proper usage and careful matching, black can create a classy and mysterious look for your home. So, in this article, we’re


gonna explore the styles surrounding black!


Black walls show that you have a sense of style

If you want a clean-looking wall, go for White.


If you want a classy-looking wall, you go for Black.


In general, using black in your house gives you one advantage: A First-Class look.



With pure black painted on the walls, the high contrast allows for the paintings on the wall to stand out. Couple that with rays of sunlight shining onto the


black walls, creates a quiet but not boring ambience in the living room.



Black and White is the King and Queen of colours, they match and contrast with each other perfectly.


When used together to design your bedroom, the black walls can help soothe you to sleep, while the white areas illuminate the room for you.



Black walls, pair it with dark green couches, can really give your living room a big upgrade.


As much that black is cool-looking when used, it should not be considered in the below situations:

  1. Places with bad natural lighting or lighting in general.
  2. Small and tight areas
  3. Houses with a lot of stuffs lying around.


Experiment with different types of black.


Bright-reflective black



Black can be used on reflective surfaces such as in the kitchen’s table top, walls, ceiling-hanging lamps and so on, it transforms the colour from a


depressing state to a radiating feeling. Additionally, black-coated kitchen makes the surface look cleaner and more well-kept.


Use black that comes with different textures



When light shines upon the black walls, one that is painted with different textures can give out a more modern and complex feeling to the environment,


combine that with a white bed design, it gives people a sense of relief and peace in the room.


Black coloured brick wall



In the bathroom, we can choose to use black coated bricks to form the wall, the smooth surface will reflect the light coming in, illuminating the bathroom


naturally. Combine it with a marble white bathtub, black & white floor tiles, the room looks not only modern but also lively.


Black floorings??!!!



Reflective black flooring can give the space an instant boost in design, easily reflecting light off it, it lets the floor be seen cleaner, smoother and brighter,


almost giving people the feeling of gliding over the room with socks on.


Using black in decorations


When we say black is the king of colours, it doesn’t mean it has to used on large surface area of in abundance to stand out, sometimes all it takes is a


little black here and there such as on decorations to project the same classy feel to the environment.



Those that do not prefer black, can start out with smaller details, like changing the bed frame or window frame to black, or painting the door with some


black and so on.


Lastly, Mumu have a few reminders when using black in your home:

  1. Because black usually gives out a depressing feeling, accessories such as glass, paintings, textured walls should be used to accompany the black so that it is not boring and simple.
  2. Lighting, lighting, lighting. Black is a dark shaded colour, it could easily impede our sight, so its best used in places with good lighting or natural lighting such as near windows.
  3. Don’t overdo it. Black is best paired with white, so it’s quite unnecessary to install more colours around it, especially in the bedrooms as the different colours may excite you, preventing you from getting a good rest. Other than white, light shaded colours can also be used as alternatives.


That’s all for today, for those who like black, quickly get working and start changing the interior of your home, your one step to an awesome look home

starts now.