6 Ways To Create a Minimalistic Space

Posted by Mumu Living 29/08/2023 Tips and Ideas,

How to live more with less?


“Less” – less design, less things lying around.


“More” – more clarity, more comfort.



We are always competing and hustling in the outside world, be it at school, or at school. Being in the hectic pace of modern lifestyle strips our energy away from us, and tires us out. Why is it important to declutter your home space? Say, don’t you want to come home to a simple, practical, cosy and peaceful space to relax your mind.



Try out these 6 ways to create a minimalistic space!



1. Eliminate The Excess


We always have one of those things that we put them aside, thinking that we will eventually put them into good use one fine day. Duh, but they have only been sitting around collecting dust.


Take a look around your space.


Is it filled up with things that you don’t actually need, or won’t ever use again? Chipped mugs, ancient DVDs, unused magazines.


Is there anything that you don’t even know why did you buy it in the very first place?


Is there any duplicates? Same books, or… same exact t-shirts!! A-ha! Girls~




2. Choose Small Furniture, or eliminate the furniture in the first place


And so you imagine inviting many of your friends and relatives over for party every weekend. All that fun centred around your huge cozy sofa. Damn lyf!


Or you just have that many things to keep, and you’ve got to find them a storage cabinet.


What about cleaning and maintaining these furnitures then?


Buy appropriate furniture according to your space and the amount of people in the household. Choose a multipurpose furniture, or a versatile sofa that can accommodate your living needs.




3. Simplify Your Home Decor   


That luxurious Christian Lacroix touch, trendy Scandinavian décor, cottage feels you watch in American TV dramas – they are all dreamy elements to have in our home.


Showcasing all of your favourite home décor styles together in a space is a big no-no. It makes your space appear more cluttered.


Opt for a one-of-a-kind accented décor to highlight your space and pack the rest away. Use simple lightings, sleek soft furnishings. It makes your space looks more spacious while keeping your cleaning routine easy!




4. Stick to a Colour Scheme


Having too many bright colours around the space create contrast to your living space but strong colours tend to excessively stimulate our vision.


In order to create a more peaceful and calming space, you may choose grey or white as main colour, then add a few hints of garish colours with either your choice of small décors like photo frame, rug, or blanket.




5. Organise Your Storage


Organisation doesn’t mean adding more cabinets or storage space. You have to take into account the convenience of accessing your items.


Key #1, understand their frequency of use. Keep items that you use most frequency at your eye level, or storing them in a handy place.


Key #2, categorise your items.


Key #3, think about the sequence of usage of certain items. Store them in sequence, and you can save your time in searching them!




6. Go For Neutral and Natural Design


You can never go wrong in choosing neutral design furniture or decorations. It helps to create balance and harmony in the space, keeping your mood calm and relaxed every time you go home.


Infuse this element in your wooden side table, natural clean linen curtain, or wood grained clock.



Join us in #minimalistic living. Come home to relax!





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