How To Cool Down Your Home With Good Furniture Choice

Posted by Mumu Living 16/10/2018 Tips and Ideas,

When asked about the colours that can be used in furniture, what comes to mind?

Many would say black, white, grey etc, but these colours give out a “dead cold” sensation, it lacks the light cooling feel of autumn.

In fact, all you need is some bright yellow or greens, and it will instantly lighten up your home atmosphere.





Play around with colours to radiate your home.

Try going for natural wood colours, white or light grey, then couple it with a strong bright yellow, it brightens up the whole living space, with the lighting making it seem refreshing.




Try using different colours of board panels to give your home that extra bling!




Aside from colours, we recommend getting a sofa set such as the one below. It gives your living room an extra layer of content.




Flower shaped coffee tables combined with a sunny yellow coffee chair, gives people a feeling of being outside during autumn. Imagine the joy, the warmth, the breeze this brings.




Studies show that, bright colours help boost our appetites. So, its without a doubt better to use it in the dining area, ensuring you get the best out of your breakfasts.




Combining multiple styles for your home

Although colour is essential, having multiples styles in place is also convenient to switch from style to style occasionally. All these styles revolve around giving your home that extra breeze.

[Bright, sunny, modern] With the sun shining through the window, it brightens the area, perfect for a work area or study room as it boosts alertness and concentration.




[Simple + Nordic style] No need to pile up on “extra-ness”, a simple corner like this is perfect for reading your favourite books.




[Reviving wooden theme style] Imagine a quiet afternoon, you are sitting there, watching your favourite TV dramas while sipping on your favourite drink, what a mood.




Small, but efficient furnitures

Of course, styling your home with furniture is important, but the efficiency and usage of the furniture is also important especially with small spaces.

For example, having a multipurpose bed such as the one below is a great way to minimise the space usage. This also allows for more airflow in the house.




A two doored cabinet may be small, but with carefully separated sections, it allows for easy storage for your desired items as well.




A 2-in-1 makeup table top, imagine in the morning, it becomes a desk for make up and bringing the best of yourself out, at night, it becomes a work table, allowing you to finish up your work.




An open shelf, customizable according to your need. Also reduces space usage.


That is all for today. Mumu hopes that this has inspired you to make changes to your home, showing you that anything is possible. Till we meet again.